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Imperfect Seed Paper

We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of seed paper sheets and, as each one is handmade, sometimes things don’t go 100% to plan. We have high standards and this paper didn’t quite pass our quality checks so have been heavily discounted. Perfect for any eco warriors out there who, like us, hate waste! 

Each sheet will have some imperfection eg waviness, creasing or be softer/have a different texture compared to our normal sheets.

– Embedded with bee-friendly flower seeds (Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Rudbeckia)
– Handmade to protect seeds and make sure they grow
– Made from Recycled Waste Cotton

Printing Info

Please check imperfect sheets carefully before printing on them as any holes, tears or waves in the paper may affect print quality or snag in your printer. We would recommend cutting down to remove these areas.

General printing advice…. Our seed paper can be printed on but care needs to be taken when deciding which thickness and printer to use. Printing details can be found on each thickness variation below. Please note that, as our sheets are handmade, each sheet is unique and there will be some variation in thickness. With these being budget sheets, the imperfections could affect printing and we do not recommend printing on sheets that are very wavy or have any tears on without cutting them down first.

Some printers do not like seed paper due to the uneven texture and also, some seeds might get dislodged. For this reason, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that might be caused. While we have had no reports of damage to any home printers from light use, heavy/commercial use on such devices could result in issues such as unwanted marks on paper and result in the printer needing a deep clean.

Laser printers should not be used as excessive heat can decrease the germination rates of the seeds or make them completely nonviable. We would not recommend using a commercial printer, unless they’re experienced with printing on handmade seed paper, as seeds can either become over-heated or crushed in the process. Dislodged seeds could also cause damage to their expensive machines or take a long time to cleanout. The only commercial printing we would recommend is screen printing without excessive pressure.

For more info, please visit our FAQs page.

Planting Info

To make sure your seed paper has the best chance of turning into beautiful flowers, be sure to write/print detailed instructions on it.

– Recommended planting time – Spring/Summer (when it’s warm/hot)
– Soak in water and tear into small pieces.
– Place pieces in a pot of compost and very lightly sprinkle more compost on top
– Water and keep the soil and paper moist (do not let it dry out but do not leave it constantly wet either) in a warm and light environment
– Once your small plants have grown, place pot outside or keep on a window that has lots of sun.
– Do not plant in nature – eco systems are fragile.

For more info on planting and printing, please visit our FAQs page.


Most of our A6 imperfect sheets have been knocked on one corner during transit. These can be straightened out individually but may still leave crease lines on sheets.

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